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Love! February is the month of love, so we’re told. This month of love can be a joyous time or a time of disappointment, depending on your point of view and your experiences in the past. You may even have feelings of loneliness during this month that’s supposed to be so joyous.

Take a moment and reflect on what love means to you. In particular, what does Valentine’s Day mean to you? Is it about the gifts and flowers? Is it about being with someone? What is it about for you?

For most of my life I dreaded Valentine’s Day as it approached. It was a day that always left me feeling disappointed, whether I was single or married. Each year I would expect a different outcome, but no matter what I did to prepare myself or try to make the day a good one it never was a happy time for me. 

It wasn’t until I finally started down the path of self-discovery that I began to learn that I was looking for love outside myself, and I started to understand why I felt the way I did. I was looking  for someone else to make me feel loved. I was expecting someone else to love me. The problem was, I didn’t love myself. I didn’t appreciate myself and the love that was in my own heart. I never felt worthy of love. 

After awhile, I started seeing that I was the love I was seeking. I began to understand that I already had within me all the love I wanted and needed, because my heart was overflowing with love. I learned that I was worthy of love because I was love. When I learned to love myself, I gave myself the greatest gift of all. I began to love myself enough to set the boundaries that were right for me. I learned that by loving myself I was able to love others unconditionally. I began to love others enough to set them free to find their own love, the love that is the purity of their being.  

We are all beings of light, beings of love. Love is our nature. Love is what we are. If you’re feeling unloved this Valentine’s Day, look into your own heart and find the love that dwells there. Let that love flow from your heart and fill your life.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


  • Carrol Strain 5 years ago

    Very nice, and just exactly what I needed to read/hear just now!

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