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Lourdes Leon follows mama Madonna footsteps to Michigan

Lourdes Leon takes mother Madonna's lead to University of Michigan
Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Life is about to change in the state of Michigan. Madonna Veronica Louise Ciccone will be setting up house for her family in the Detroit area. It is being reported in the news today (June 25) by Yahoo Celebrity that daughter Lourdes Leon will be a full-time matriculated freshman at the University of Michigan this fall. The Detroit Free Press is officially reporting that the profile of Lourdes Ciccone Leon now appears in the university’s formal student directory, listing her as an undergraduate affiliated with the U-M School of Music, Theatre & Dance. Madonna, the most powerful stage mom any young aspiring singer/actress could ever hope for has guided her daughter Lourdes to enroll at the University of Michigan and study performing arts. The school is known as one of the best schools in the United States for legitimate stage training.

This comes as a bit of surprise given that Lourdes could attend school anywhere she wants. There is Julliard and NYU Tisch in New York and big Ivy Leagues schools with fabulous music and theater training programs. However, Madonna has wished for Lourdes to attend the University of Michigan, and she will. Recently Lourdes graduated Laguardia High where she was a major force in their theater productions. She made headlines for her performance of Rizzo in a production of Grease. Her singing voice has been hailed as incredible with serious acting chops. Leaked videos and sound recordings have all been removed from the Internet shortly after they were posted.

Madonna has also recently toured the Detroit ruins and has seen poverty, decimation, abandonment and the results of heavy crime, due to the decline of the American auto industry. Seeing the truth of the situation, which resembles third world countries in certain sectors, Madonna has been moved to help reinvigorate the Detroit spirit. She has vowed to "make the future of the city brighter." This can be interpreted to mean that she will be launching businesses and investing her time and energy into rebuilding the once dominant Midwest kingdom.

So, it appears that Madonna will most likely be spending more time in the city and state where she grew up, now to raise her family. This will give all of Madonna's children the opportunity to get to know the Ciccone family even better. It will be exciting to see how Lourdes blossoms into a true star of stage, film and music, which everyone sees coming! In the meantime, we are waiting for new music from the Queen of Pop. The new Madonna release titled Unapologetic Bitch could be coming any day and is sure to be over-the-top incredible!

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