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Lounge in the backyard right away with patio heaters

More time in the backyard with patio heaters means more fun and more memories.
More time in the backyard with patio heaters means more fun and more memories.
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As the spring creeps in, you’re probably longing to get out on the patio. But the crisp early mornings and still chilly evenings may find you trapped on the wrong side of the sliding door, with the temperatures too low.

Invest in a patio heater now and extend your time outdoors. Break free from the thermometer’s control and stay warm on the deck, no matter the weather.

Outdoor heaters come in many different designs and sizes. Running on either electricity or natural gas, an outdoor heater will provide a comfortable atmosphere around a patio table, on the pool deck or near the lounge chairs. Imagine reading the morning paper outdoors with the birds chirping their greetings. Or spending time on the deck with friends long past the setting sun. Even romance has more heat on the patio with these handy outdoor appliances.

For convenience and efficiency, gas heaters can’t be beat. The Sunglo Suspended Natural Gas Heater from not only adds warmth and coziness, but is truly beautiful. Designed with a charming, old world feel, this gas heater doesn’t get in the way and pumps out the heat you need. Space the lantern-like heaters every 12 feet. The classy wrought iron frame will compliment any backyard. If this model isn’t your style, browse through the wide selection of others available.

An electric heater can be nearly hidden out of sight on your patio. The rectangular shape and unobtrusive design will blend in well under a ceiling or against a wall. Outdora also carries a variety of tabletop electric heaters that add warmth and splendor to your patio furniture. Both types can be installed easily and many homeowners mix and match around the yard to provide maximum comfort.

Patio heaters will allow you more freedom to enjoy your backyard living space. Don’t let cooler temperatures keep you inside this spring. With a patio heater, you can enjoy a jump start to your outdoor season and will also look forward to lazing on the patio long into the fall.

Because who wants to hang around inside, staring out the window?


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