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Louisvllle Metro Animal Services brought to the attention of City Council

On the evening of Jan. 30, Briana Holloway went before the City Council of Louisville to act as a voice for those who have none. She spoke out in the name of the animals at Louisville Metro Animal Services Manslick facility. Her goal was to bring to light issues that Louisville Metro Animal Services seems to have.

Briana Holloway speaks out for the animals
Ashleigh Shelton

Briana was a volunteer at the Manslick facility for Louisville Metro Animal Services, but she was suspended for violation of policies. She had taken videos of dogs she interacted with in the yard, and posted these videos on Facebook. The videos resulted in numerous adoptions of dogs that might not otherwise have received public notice at Manslick. She believes that she was suspended not for policy violation, but for memorializing a dog that had been euthanized. A picture of the dog and a simple statement “R.I.P. Big Red” were all she posted on her Facebook.

She provided statistics on adoption and rescue rates to the city council. and commended the rescue coordinator for Manslick for a 22% rescue rate from the facility and called for more promotion of dogs awaiting adoption. Animal House puts out regular publications on animals they have available for adoption, but there is a dearth of adoption notices for the animals at Manslick.

No resolution was reached, but the hope of the people who were there to support Briana is that this will bring attention to what they believe to be deficiencies in the management and lack of promotion for the animals available for adoption by Louisville Metro Animal Services. Animals at Manslick are in fact available for adoption. Derby City Dog Rescue also has some documentation of dogs at the facility and fosters some of those animals. These animals need just as much attention and publicity as the animals at Animal house receive.

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