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Louisville Witches Ball takes it up a notch!

Welcome to the Louisville Witches Ball
Welcome to the Louisville Witches Ball
Katrina Butcher

(UPDATE: Information added 10/25/10! Yay!)

Last night's Louisville Witches Ball went off without a hitch and ended up with an estimated crowd of over 300 attendees. Exact numbers haven't been calculated yet and I'll update that as I get them. I have made an animoto video of some of my pictures from last night:

Entertainment for the evening was eclectic - like many of the attendees themselves. Matt Elliott started off the evening. He is the only professional male belly dancer in Kentucky and I have no idea why. It is true his dance form is traditionally a female dance and it is a whole lot of hip-swaying but, I confess, I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. His performance was nothing but cool.

David Wood performed two sets for the Ball as well. His thoughtful sound and sexy look greatly reminds me of George Michael but it has a healthy dose of Depeche Mode in the music, lyrics, and beat. His one song “Put the Bottle Down” shows this young man has a big future in the music industry. I was really happy to hear such a pagan-positive performer doing such good music.

A surprise performance by Shines Negative ( had everyone out on the floor, though. While David Wood’s music provoked thoughtful listening and Matt Elliott’s performance mesmerized, Shines Negative could not be ignored. The vocals by Danny Cornish were definitely reminiscent of early Danzig and the band could have easily substituted for GNR when they were first starting out and not stupid stoned all the time. I couldn’t help jumping in the down-front crowd and the dance floor filled for the first time all evening.

Now, the food at the party was all volunteer provided potluck style snacks. It would have been a good idea to dedicate a volunteer to keep that under control but, honestly, people fell on it like starving hyenas. They didn’t run out of soda, either, which was fantastic. I personally visited the beer window – just for the purpose of this review, of course. It would have been nice to have wine coolers as an option, but that’s a suggestion for next year.

One thing I really liked about the Louisville Witches Ball was that it was kid friendly until 8 pm. However, after that time, it was supposed to be adult friendly. The smoker's lounge was a nice touch, too.

The costume contest got completely out of hand. Jack said that last year they had only a few entries, though, and they did not expect EVERYONE to show up to compete. Next year, they will be prepared. A fantastic Cruela D'ville was the winner. Gunnar Deatherage pulled off the costume perfectly. There's a decent pic in my animoto video at the top of this article.

David Mitchell and Jack Benge (correction) are the masterminds behind this second annual event. As far as I can tell, it seemed a great evening and huge success. Mike Avery stepped in to help when Jack had to spend more time on crowd control than anticipated, so a big thanks goes out to Mike, Reiann, and all the volunteers just for volunteering their time to help make this event happen. Good Job, Guys!


  • Gunnar 4 years ago

    Haha it was me, Gunnar Deatherage

  • Miss Kitty 4 years ago

    Witches in the 'Ville and no fundies? Go Louisville!

  • Cu Chulainn (Jack) 4 years ago

    Thank you so much for the write up and the pic's Katrina. The children had a great time with activities and games, a great variety of music and entertainment and a LOT of wonderful people in attendance that helped make it a magical night indeed.
    David and I talked today and are already beginning to select a date and make plans for 2011. Thanks go out to everyone that came out to the Ball. Just remember, it is all about bringing together like minded people in the community....together we can accomplish great things. May you walk be... in Love, Light and Laughter.

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