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Louisville Triple Crown and Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon

You can do it!
You can do it!
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Louisville is the perfect place to be if you want to get in shape. Especially right now. Have you and your children ever thought about running? Sounds scary, doesn’t it? Now is the best time to think about it.

The Triple Crown has the 5K race (that’s just 3.1 miles) on March 6, the 10K on March 20 and then the 10 miler on April 3rd. Then, the Kentucky Derby Festival Mini-marathon and Marathon are on April 24th. It’s not too late to start training because they start in March.

You may not have ever thought about doing anything like this because you do not run now and quite frankly, you’ve never ran in your life. Or maybe you do run here and there, but just don’t want to commit to something like this. Then, there are those of you who do the run every year. You’re already registered and are working your training plan on a regular basis.

Here are some wonderful sources for training programs in Louisville from the Courier-Journal. 
Personally, I’m involved in the YMCA Downtown Triple Crown training program. You can look at me and tell I’m brand new at running, but everyone is very supportive. The leader explained that it is not like a competition. About half in the program are brand new and half are seasoned runners. They give tips and have speakers come in to teach us about nutrition, injury prevention, what to wear, etc.

The official page for the Louisville Triple Crown of Running's home page has a link at the bottom for each of the three races. Each run has a kid's run also, which is a great way to get the little ones excited about running if they’re not old enough to run the actual races yet.

The official page for the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon and Mini is here and the earlier you register, the more money you save.  Remember, if you register for a race it not only gives you a goal to reach, it also helps keep you motivated to train since you spent the money.

 More sources:

RuntheVille This is an excellent local running forum for beginners through masters.
Read this article in the Courier about training for the Marathon and mini
Runners world and protecting knees from sports injuries from CNN.


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