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Louisville's lost and found pets

I hope my family comes for me soon.
I hope my family comes for me soon.
Brenda Reeves

Several months ago I tried to start a lost and found for pets and didn't have any response. I'm going to give it another try. If you have lost or found a pet, send an email with photo of the pet to with information about the pet, i.e. where it was lost or found, the name of the pet, any distinguishing characteristics etc. I will post the photo and info and we'll see if we can help our best friends return to their homes. Physical identifiers will be kept secret until someone can provide identifying information.

When pets are lost, or sometimes stolen, they can end up clear across the country. Here's a true story:

A family in California had their house broken into. Their kids black cocker spaniel was gone. The homeowners assumed the dog had gotten out of the house when it was broken into. The family was devastated. A year later, the family was living in St. Louis. A friend back in CA spotted a dog resembling the family's black cocker spaniel  up for sale on Craig's list. Sure enough it was the lost cocker spaniel only it wasn't lost. It had obviously been stolen.

Friends got together and met the people with the dog in a park and bought the dog back from the thieves. The family was reunited with their cocker spaniel. Happy ending!

Please be sure to take precautions against dog and cat thieves by reading the following articles:


...and some suggestions from Louisville Metro on what to do if you find a lost animal.

Louisville Metro Animal Services


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