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‘Louisville Purge’ causes panic: Is Hollywood responsible for scare?

Louisville Purge causes panic
Louisville Purge causes panic
Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The police scanner of the Louisville Police Department had people listening to it on Friday night and they didn't even live in the community. After posters threatening a "Louisville Purge” surfaced, people were listening to find out if a real purge would be possible. According to Time on Saturday a real “Purge” style event didn't happen and all that was found was a teen who is being questioned for the scare which started on social media.

The Purge,” which was released in June 2013, is a movie that could hardly have an impression on anyone who has a family or job. The premise of the movie is that anyone is allowed to commit any crime for 12 hours with impunity. As life goes, the premise is perfect for the theater screen, but to be realistic would literally be impossible. Yet, the premise did scare some people who thought it might be real.

While there was an abundance of caution by law enforcement, the idea spooked the locals so much that people stayed indoors and schools cancelled games. CBS is reporting that Louisville's St. Xavier High School and Simon Kenton (Ky.) High School, located in Independence cancelled the game on Friday night just to be safe. Thinking that maybe people might come out and hurt people who come to the games.

As movie goers know, a copycat scenario of any movie isn't the fault of Hollywood, but some industry experts are wondering if the studios should have said something about this particular situation. Perhaps a reminder that the film was totally fake or fiction? Or an announcement that anyone caught doing this would be in serious trouble with the law?

Films and the stars who act in movies put their trust in the idea that people won’t act or react in real life to a premise that is illegal. The idea that people were scared about a “Purge” style act in Louisville has everyone thinking that maybe Hollywood isn't clear enough that movies are mostly fake stories.