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Louisville Metro Animal Services is still silent on the status of volunteer

Manslick houses adoptable animals.
Ashleigh Shelton

Louisville Metro Animal Services still has not made a decision regarding the reinstatement of Briana Holloway. She was supposedly suspended for posting pictures and videos of animals at the Manslick facility. She spoke with Sadiqua Reynolds about the issues at Manslick and proposed several ideas to promote animals housed there.

As of Friday Feb. 21. Briana still has not received a response from Donald Robinson, assistant director at Louisville Metro Animal Services. She sent him an email detailing suggested changes and asking when there might be a ruling on her suspension.

In a recent discussion with Sadiqua, Briana discussed ways to better promote animals at Manslick and reduce the euthanasia rate. She suggested simple fixes such as posting paw personals for Manslick animals as well as Animal House animals, and putting signs on the cages of animal that are adoptable animals, to set them apart from stray holds. Posting animals from both facilities on the Louisville Metro Animal Services Facebook page is also another effective promotion tool. The majority of the changes that Briana suggested would have little to no impact on the budget.

Sadiqua conveyed that doing walkthroughs for adoptions at Manslick would be counterproductive to maintaining the standards of the facility. While she praised some of the suggestions that were made, she said that some of the ideas might be implementable, but not all of them would be approved. The decision as to Briana’s status as a volunteer still remains in the hands of Donald Robinson and Margret Brosko, and they have yet to respond. Even if she is not reinstated, Briana plans to continue to volunteer with other groups and educate the community about pet health and safety.

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