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Louisville Lost and Found Pets; hope is not lost

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Chad Duvall created the Facebook group Louisville Lost and Found Pets three years ago. Now the group is managed by Debra Fuchs, an avid dog lover. The group has reconnected countless pets with their owners in that time. While it started small, it is now network of over eighteen hundred people with common objectives; to reunite lost pets with their owners and keep missing pets out of high kill shelters.

Debra wants to be a voice for the animals that are helpless and cannot speak for themselves. Getting as many animals off the streets as possible and making sure they are safe is her goal as well as that of the group. Chad and Debra do that and more with the help of people like Caroline Kaufmann, Bethany Bilick, Rebecca Gay, Wanda Fowler, Sarah Marques, Katie Paige Short, Helen Fidler, Erin Clark, and so many others. They pound the pavement in search of missing animals, create and hang flyers, and devote untold hours of personal time to saving lost pets. Almost two thousand people work together to look out for lost animals and bring them in off the streets. In addition they post to the group to search for owners and update statuses of missing animals. Debra is so involved in this mission that she now has six dogs in her home, most of which are rescues from working the lost and found group.

It may seem hopeless when a beloved pet goes missing, and while this is not a guarantee of finding that pet, it is most assuredly helpful. Instead of having just one set of eyes looking for a lost pet there are over eighteen hundred sets helping. A lost pet can be heart breaking, but someone in this group might just have seen that missing dog or cat, and help get it home faster.