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Louisville Homeschool Fall Party Games

Kids toss miniature gourds into various baskets.
Kids toss miniature gourds into various baskets.
Jennifer Martens

While fall is quickly turning to winter in Louisville and Southern Indiana, there is still time to play these fun and educational games with kids when the weather is cool. These games were created from Dollar Store purchases (with exception of the real gourds), so not only are they fun to play, but they are easy to make at a reasonable cost.

Make-It Basket!: Find at least three baskets of varying size and a bag of miniature plastic gourds. Kids try to make a basket with the gourds. Each basket is worth a different amount of points and kids can stand further away to make the game more challenging. *Hint: If played on a hard surface, the gourds often bounce into the basket.

Gourd Bowling: Using Pepsi bottles, fill with a rice/bean mixture (whatever you have around the house). Spray paint the bottles and make bowling pin tags if you like. The pins pictures have various fall sayings on them. Use a real gourd to knock down the pins--believe it or not, the gourds are usually pretty sturdy and last through many rounds.

Scarecrow Toss: Take three plastic pumpkins. Drill holes in the top and fill with rice/bean mixture. The cute scarecrows are found at the Dollar Store; place their sticks into the tops of the pumpkins and hot glue in place. Using wreaths, try to ring the scarecrows. If playing with small children, points can be earned for knocking over the scarecrows as well.

Educational Ideas: Kids can keep track of points or make predictions based on previous tosses/rolls, weather conditions, or placement of the games.


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