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Louisiana state resolution on the Gulf Oil Spill - Let's pray our problems away

Louisiana State Senator Robert Adley
Louisiana State Senator Robert Adley
Public Domain


  • Roy 6 years ago

    well written & well presented article about these praying bozos

  • Nem 6 years ago

    praying bozos. ha ha well said

  • drom 6 years ago

    it's not an insult to the people who elected these buffoons...the people who elected them share the same mental infirmity. Maybe this disaster is their god's way of telling them they are too stupid to continue to exist.

  • You can't make me, you can't... 6 years ago

    Your article brings to mind an 8 year old who is stomping around the room saying "I hate G-d, I hate G-d" because your parents whacked your fanny for (probably) good reasons.

    But, you decided to use the oil spill for "cover" to make your rant public. Now that you have the approval of the anti-G-d crowd in your corner, may they hasten you to your place.

  • Louisiana Resident 5 years ago

    Wow, did your mother not teach you any manners at all? I mean really........ Why not just title this article "I hate Christians"? And, by the way, many Christians DO pray for those things your wrote about, including Nigerians. I will pray for you.

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