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Louisiana's lead transportation company partners with Georgia's lead studio

Hollywood Trucks, LLC
Hollywood Trucks, LLC
Hollywood Trucks, LLC

Hollywood South may be headed toward regional cooperation, it seems, according to the industry's latest development. Louisiana's leading transportation company, Hollywood Trucks, LLC has recently signed a deal with Pinewood Atlanta Studios. The exclusive partnership is a five-year deal that will expand Hollywood Trucks' services outside the state's borders.

“Our expansion into Georgia is a key milestone,” said the transportation company's CEO, Andre Champagne, in their official press release. Indeed, the trucking service has seen significant growth since its 2007 inception, from a seven-vehicle unit to a fleet of over 400 trucks, trailers, and specialty equipment.

Hollywood Trucks are ubiquitous throughout metro New Orleans and the state, having become a symbol of the industry's local economic presence. The trucks' appearances are a reminder of the impact film entertainment has made in recent years as a lineup of blockbusters flock south to produce in the city's swamps, streets, and studios.

Studies on individual states' tax incentive programs continue to reveal the shift away from California. Louisiana itself topped Hollywood West by producing 18 features in 2013. The list continues to grow as the industry evolves, and one can only wonder how the new Louisiana-Georgia partnership will further impact these changes for Hollywood South.