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Louisiana mom flings her one-yr-old toddler out of moving car to protect a lie

La. mom chucks her baby from a moving car while going around a sharp curve.
La. mom chucks her baby from a moving car while going around a sharp curve.
Wikimedia Commons

A mother from Louisiana was arrested for attempted murder after the 23-year-old mom, who already has four other children, opened the front passenger door of her car as she was hurtling around a curve, causing her infant daughter, who was sitting on the front seat, to tumble out.

The sickening display by this so-called “mother” was reportedly done to cover up a lie. Lasasha Allen was evidently “trying to get the attention of the baby’s father,” Sheriff Kevin Cobb of Franklin Parish reported.

On Saturday June 21, Allen sent the infant’s father a text, lying and telling him that their daughter had “fallen out of a car window.”

After the father failed to respond, the demented ruse was allegedly done the following Sunday. In order to support her story, Allen decided to purposely chuck her infant from the moving car.

Reports Reuters news service on June 24: “Allen was arrested on charges of second-degree attempted murder and remains in jail on bond of $750,000. Child welfare officials are involved with her four other children, Cobb said, including a 7-year-old who was riding in the back seat at the time of the accident.”

The infant was taken to the hospital, where she remains in critical but stable condition with multiple broken bones.

Staff at the Franklin Medical Center in Winnsboro initially contacted police after the infant was brought in with suspicious injuries. Sherriff Cobb then interviewed Lasasha, who admitted to the cruel and disgusting act., which carried a mug shot of Allen, reports:

According to the investigation, Allen drove at a speed of up to 45 miles an hour, reached over and opened the door and intentionally causing the younger child to be shoved out.

Allen stated that her intent was to inflict minor damage so that she would not be caught in a lie with the child's father. She then waited for a period of time and took the injured child to the Medical Center.

“She arranged it, basically staging this event to where it would look like an accident,” Cobb said. “One thing is certain – The child is in a safer place today than in the hands of the mother. Justice can't move quickly enough in this. I hope that everyone will pray for that child and its siblings through this ordeal.”

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