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Louisiana Medicaid - their website and latest changes

Physician offices have easy online access to many functions for Louisiana Medicaid.  Verify eligibility, check claims status, review Community Care visits, and the newest addition to the site allows for online prior authorization of high-tech radiology imaging such as MRIs beginning February 1, 2010.  For more information, including the specific CPT codes covered, read the release issued by Louisiana Medicaid.  To register for provider access to Louisiana Medicaid follow the instructions here.

To access the Radiology Utilization Management, managed by MedSolutions, go to the new program implementation page and click on the orange text "Register for access to" or go directly to the provider registration page here.  Complete the information requested and submit.  MedSolutions will send you an e-mail confirmation instructing you what to do next.

Another feature that Louisiana Medicaid will be adding to its site later this year is called ClaimCheck by McKesson, owners of Medisoft software.  Along with Clear Claim Connection, according to Louisiana Medicaid the system will check for claim issues helping providers to submit clean claims faster and more efficiently.  The latest news on ClaimCheck can be found here.

Click her for Louisiana Medicaid fee schedules for physicians.  If you are looking for dental, MDE, or other program fee schedules you should be able to find them on the fee schedule page.

To avoid claim and billing errors office staff should read and reference the Billing Information page of the Louisiana Medicaid website.  It lists documents very helpful in describing how to file clean claims, defining timely filing, UB04 instructions, CMS/HCFA 1500 instructions, electronic claims and much more.

Look at the Louisiana Medicaid frequently asked questions for more information.



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