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Louisiana goes theocratic: Bible now its' official state book?

The Louisiana state legislature and government, in its' infinite wisdom, is posed to make the KJV Christian Bible the official state book of Louisiana. About time. If anything bestows the thoughts of the ancient desert world where the bible was written, it is the swamps of Louisiana 6000 or so miles away.

I know, I shouldn't be too surprised. Louisiana is in the Bible Belt, and the children who go to schools in that state are lucky if they ever hear about evolution. They are probably more likely to have a public school science teacher going off about women coming from ribs and talking snakes.

So, I can't say I am that disappointed, but none the less, I am kind of disappointed. Why is it that the religious right-wing must use the government to keep promoting their mythology and superstition? Doesn't it ever get tiring? Not enough churches in Louisiana.

Groups like the Freedom From Religion Foundation and Americans United for Separation of Church and State must constantly fight these battles, which will be continued to be waged along as fundamentalist is a potent force in American politics.