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Louis Logic brings rhyme and reason to Hodi’s Half Note

FORT COLLINS, Colo.—Louis Logic made a judgment call at Hodi’s Half Note, on June 1. He was the headlining act. Hench, Qbala, Syntax and Kind Dub were the openers. Psalm One was the direct support. Louis Logic provided vocals, played the melodica and keyboard.

Louis Logic brings rhyme and reason to Hodi’s Half Note.
Sareth Ney/
Louis Logic brings rhyme and reason to Hodi’s Half Note.
Sareth Ney/

After setting up the laptop, microphone stand and keyboard—Louis Logic greeted the spectators and mentioned he was from Brooklyn, N.Y. He went onto thank everyone for attending the concert. After playing the track from his laptop, he rapped verses of “Up To No Good” and would sing the choruses.

Prior to “They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To”, Louis Logic compared traditional relationships to modern relationships. He said modern relationships were similar to cheap department store furniture and milk. He explained some were made of paper, plastic and how they had expiration dates. He spoke of the traditional relationships he missed. He provided insight to the love his parents had, how they met, how they kept a marriage strong and spanning it over several decades.

As “Big Fish Eat The Little Fish” was about to begin, Louis Logic educated the audience to the five elements of Hip-Hop. He stated they were breakdancing, graffiti, DJing, rapping and homophobia. He shared his thoughts on homophobia and how he disliked it. He had choice words for those claiming to be homophobic and offered actions they could take to end their fear of homosexuality.

Audience members had the chance to put a request in and one yelled for “Dust To Dust”, while another yelled “The Ugly Truth”. After complimenting them on how well-behaved they were, he took the first request and spoke of the inspiration behind it.

Before ending Louis Logic’s performance with “A Day Late and a Dollar Short”, he pretended to walk off stage and the crowd cheered for an encore. He stated the last song was off of his latest album, how it was an honest rap song, how the lyrics were from his real-life experiences and how it was his confessional. He produced it himself and joked it was his last attempt of making idealistic music before he ventured into Trap Music. During the performance, he jumped into the crowd and performed.

“Bet The Farm”, “The Withdrawal Method”, “Chip Off The Old Blog”, “Misery Loves Comedy”, “Look On The Blight Side” and “Night Of The Hip ‘N’ Dead” were also part Louis Logic.