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Louis at The Gansevoort est tres chic


Alexandra and friends at Louis

Louis is known as one of the most exclusive lounges in Miami Beach. With such a reputation it is obvious that there is much to prove. Well the verdict is in: Louis is everything that you have heard, and then some. Take a trip to Medieval Paris right here in Miami Beach.

Approaching the lounge outside of the Gansevoort South, it is evident that this is a popular hot spot. There is a line of gorgeous individuals, dressed to the two thousand nines couture, that reaches around the corner. To fully comprehend this line, grab the book of secrets; Vogue Paris Magazine. When passing the red ropes you enter into a long dark hall that leads to pure fabulousness (and yes that is now a word). Between the artsy lighting, haunting statues, and modern medieval decor, this lounge reeks of French bourgeoisie.

The bottle service at Louis

Louis does everything possible to make sure that you can fully embrace the intended ambiance. This club takes on art, fashion, and history rolled into un balle magnifique!

The waiters and baristas are dressed in Parisian attire and are as hot as ever. With that said, the service is prompt and impeccable. Bottle service is a must, especially since one of the baristas was a smarter version of the sultry Megan Fox. The stunning staff does everything possible to make sure that you are comfortable and that your service is adequate, if not perfect. They are careful and observant, making sure that you have everything possible to enjoy the euro atmosphere.

The music is also quite intriguing. It is an eclectic mix of house and top 40, yet not so much that is    overdoes the mantra, which is to bring the dark quarters of Versailles to Miami Beach. 

 Louis also has quite an edge over other lounges and night clubs. Not only is it tres exclusive, but   it also caters to those who truly understand fashion, art, and everything Miami Beach strives to be. With that said, this is a lounge that will host a celebrity, and not pay them to be there. This place is even sexy enough to cater to Angelina Jolie, circa 2006.

Take note: The dresses are short and the prices are high, but it is worth every penny to experience this spectacle. This lounge est fantastique et tout au milieu!


  • Starr 5 years ago

    Wow Alexandra, great article. I'm definetly hitting this place! Your great! Keep it up!