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Louie G's pizzeria in battle with city of Fife over $5,000 permit

Louie G
Louie G
Aaron Meyers Photography

News has started to circulate through Louie Galarza personal Facebook page and the Louis G's business page that he is fighting to save his business. The City of Fife is requiring that the pizzeria pay an annual $5,000 conditional-use permit and if he chooses to have a hearing to contest this, a non-refundable $5,000 deposit is required. If he is unable to come up with the money for the hearing Louie G's may be forced to close his doors after Saturday night show on July 5, 2014.

Since its doors opened in 2007, Louie G's has created a family orientated atmosphere where great food and music come together. All of the shows are all-ages events and kids and adults alike are encouraged to break loose and burn energy.

Louie Galarza has always been there for the community by hosting numerous fundraiser events. The last fundraiser hosted on May 21st for F.M.E. Little League raised over $12,000.

Louie G's is also known for their annual 2-day benefit concert Dreamfest. Dreamfest of 2013 hosted twenty-three bands over its 2-day period and proceeds raised were donated to the burn victims hospital unit in Bellevue, Washington.

If Louie is forced to close his doors this will be a complete and utter travesty - not only to this kind, social-minded man, but also to all the up and coming bands who will play on his stage, and to the customers and music fans that enjoy countless shows under his roof.

It is his dream to continue to provide great services to keep a community together - and we are all a part of that dream. Its time to stand together and help the one who has helped so many!

Please watch for updates on the Louis G's Facebook page on how to help and/or donate.

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