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Louie Corbett retinitis pigmentosa: Time is of the essence in this boy's case

Louie Corbett has retinitis pigmenta and due to the condition getting worse, he will go blind sooner than expected. The 12-year-old's two older brothers will also be blind later in their lives.

Retinitis pigmentosa is a rare disorder that moves progressively in the eye. Vision deteriorates over several decades and eventually leads to blindness, CNN reported March 3.

Louie's mother, Catherine Corbett, said last year was rough on him. The New Zealand family is coping with the reality of this tragic disorder.

"Last year was a hard one for poor Louie,"Catherine Corbett said. "That's when he learned that his case was accelerated."

Louie Corbett and his brothers have retinitis pigmentosa not because of a bad coincidence, butbecause the condition is hereditary.

Louie's family made the decision to take an international trip where the young boy can see the world before his eyesight is completely gone.

"This year we're going to try and fill his world with as many beautiful images as we can," his mother said.

A bucket list was made for Louie and listed among his favorite spots to see are the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, the Empire State Building and, the Google headquarters in California.

Louie loves American basketball is "quite passionate about it," his mother added. He wants to see the Boston Celtics play in a game.

With Louie's eye disease fast deteriorating, he will have make these visits soon since he has lost 50 percent of his sight in one year alone. Fortunately, a generous individual -- Warren Casey -- is helping fund the the boy's excursion. It was a "random coincidence" that the CEO of a software firm based in Boston stepped in. Casey said he did it because the Corbetts are his "next door neighbors."

Every six weeks the CEO travels from his home in Auckland to his office in Boston. He arranged it so that Air New Zealand would fly Louie to the U.S. Casey donated his own mileage points, too.

Casey and Ceiba Solutions worked together and agreed to foot the bill for Louie despite the amount of money made from donations. $25,000 was raised in four weeks for Louie's cause.

Louie will enjoy a Celtics game when he visits the U.S. and take the trip of a lifetime, thanks to the help of supportive people around the planet.

The "Louie Corbett retinitis pigmentosa" story is heartbreaking. It is nice to see so many come through for the young boy before his eyesight completely disappears. At least he will be able to say he took a trip even adults can only dream of.

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