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Louie Corbett retinitis pigmentosa: Boy creates bucket list before he goes blind

Louie Corbett is 12 and lives in New Zealand. What makes him different from most kids his age is the fact that he suffers from a rare genetic degenerative eye disease called retinitis pigmentosa. It is almost certain that he will be completely blind within a few months. The heartbreaking story of Louie Corbett and his retinitis pigmentosa was shared by CNN on March 3 and it explained how the boy wishes to go on a 'bucket list' trip before he goes blind.

Louie (who is also called Louis) is a big basketball fan, specifically of the Boston Celtics, and he wants to watch a live NBA game before his illness prevents him from doing so. That desire led his parents to mount an online campaign to get the necessary funds for travel and they even set up a website.

Louie Corbett found out last March that his sight was deteriorating due to the inherited disease in which most people who have it are legally blind by the age of 40. Two of Louis' siblings also have the condition but Louie's vision is getting progressively worse at a much faster rate. Doctors estimate that he will be completely blind within a few months or sooner.

With his eyesight rapidly declining, the Celtics have put forth an effort to make the boy's dream of seeing the team play live a reality.

The story went on to the New Zealand local press and then reached the Celtics themselves, who are mobilizing to fulfill the dream of Louie. Wycliffe Grousbeck, one of the team owners, who coincidentally also has a blind son, according to a statement released by the New Zealand Herald, learned of the story through Twitter. At that moment they decided to act.

Now, the Boston Celtics have agreed to pay for the trip to Louie to attend a game. Louis's father, Tim Corbett, has confirmed that the Boston team has been in contact with them.

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"Of course when I read about how he was a big Celtics fan I knew that we had to have him come for a game," Wycliffe Grousbeck's wife Corrine said.

Louie Corbett can now cross out one thing on his bucket list because he will be coming to see the Celtics play in Boston for their game on March 5.

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