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Louie CK and the Fat Girl Speech

The comedian Louie CK is getting all types of kudos for a soliloquy he wrote for his eponymous show. It was delivered by a beautiful actress who weighs a little more than most women in show business. She is quite normal by most standards, in a country that is becoming more obese by the day.

Anyway, Sarah Baker played a character named Vanessa who inexplicably has a crush on Louie. A morbidly obese middle-aged man, divorced with two daughters and a slightly pessimistic view of the world. Oh and a ginger who is balding. (Don’t email with complaints if you have red hair, that’s not the point of the commentary.)

Yeah, yeah, the actress recited some “brave” thoughts about women who may be overweight trying to find love. But really, “just hold my hand? Is that all women slogging through Nutrisyst want?

Anyway, the viewer is supposed to accept that a charming, vivacious young woman is so enamored of this dour man that she gives him game tickets that she could either use or sell for 4 figures.

All just to have a cup of coffee with Louie, our annoying hero.

Look, the tragedy is that the population our nation is getting fatter while simultaneously people are consuming less real food. The additives in everything, including fruits and vegetables would take down a chemistry lab.

If folks try to eat healthful victuals- only God and of course Monsanto know what is contaminating the milk, chickens or crops- it is difficult and possibly locate such foods.

These companies spend millions of dollars to find out what taste sensations are the most addictive. And then adjust their offerings accordingly Plus, the ad budgets for non-food food is astronomical.

Try pitting carrot juice against Coke. Quinoa versus Taco Bell.

Back to Louie. We all need to slim down, and find a better lifestyle.

And Louie CK, you should have been making the speech. Because Vanessa is a catch and the next guy is going to realize that.

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