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Loudmouth Golf Tour app does everything but make that 4-foot par putt

Play golf with Loudmouth clothes and the Loudmouth iOS app
Play golf with Loudmouth clothes and the Loudmouth iOS app
Loudmouth Golf

Golfers know Loudmouth for the colorful and stylish clothing they make for the sport.

They are always coming out with new styles and ideas on how to make the sport more fun and for individuals to perform their best, while looking their best.

Loudmouth Golf is also in the app business with a great iPhone app that you should have loaded and ready to go for your next round.

The free Loudmouth Golf Tour app is a great way to track your scores and stats and then see how you fare with not only your friends on Facebook, but other Loudmouth Golf fans from around the country.

Per Loudmouth Golf, here are the features of the app that golfers can take advantage of:

- Simplify Strokes and Stats – This deceptively simple shot tracking tool keeps your head in the game instead of fooling around with your phone.

- Simple Interface – no distractions on the golf course.

- Automagic Stat Tracking – You just play golf, we'll track your stats.

- Golf with Friends – Play against any of your Facebook friends, no matter their location or skill level. And maybe you can remind them that you are the only one in the group who has ever made a hole-in-one.

- Compete against friends from anywhere in the US. There’s no need to play at the same course at the same time. No more excuses!

- Crush your friends in your Private Leaderboard or see how you stack up against the Loudmouth Leaderboard.

- Battle your buddies in the quest to win the most awards in the 2013 season.

- Discover friends that you never knew played golf!

The Loudmouth Golf app really is for any golfer who wants to play the "Loudmouth Way."

Now you can wear Loudmouth and have it on your smartphone.

"This is the best app out there for simplicity and a fun look," said Bunker's Paradise in a 2013 review. "Well, what would you expect from LoudMouth…drab? I think not. And they delivered an outstanding app that performs perfectly in every way possible."

I say this app will match any of your Loudmouth pants or shorts, and with a great design and easy-to-use interface, it's the perfect playing companion.

In this latest version, you can also share pictures on Facebook, so let's see your favorite Loudmouth design!

Download the free Loudmouth Golf Tour app today and have fun with your family and fellow golfers and compete against your all of your golfing friends for Loudmouth gear and prizes.

Get the app now in the iOS app store or here:

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