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2014 Winter Olympics

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Loudmouth Golf adds color to the Sochi Winter Olympics

Loudmouth Golf designs can be seen during the sport of curling at the 2014 Winter Olympics
Loudmouth Golf designs can be seen during the sport of curling at the 2014 Winter Olympics

The story of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi?

Norway's curling team is sporting Loudmouth Golf pants
Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Shaun White not winning a medal in the halfpipe? The disappointing showing by U.S. speedskaters? The figure skating? How about the U.S. Men's Hockey team defeating Russia in a shootout?

All of these were great stories for a day, but a bigger story is one that grabs one's attention before, during, and after the games.

So I guess then it would have to be Loudmouth Golf and their pants worn by the Norwegian men's curling team.

A golf company at the Winter Olympics?


I was able to talk with Larry Jackson, CEO of Loudmouth Golf a couple weeks before the Winter Olympics started and he was holding a copy of the New York Times an beaming. There was a shot of Norway's men's curling teams wearing the wild colors of Loudmouth on their pants, but the picture wasn't in color.

Jackson said they missed the boat by not having the image in color, but he noted it was in color on their website, so all was pretty good.

Pretty good indeed. Loudmouth is now more than just an upstart golf apparel company that makes wild shorts and pants. They are now an international brand that makes tested and high tech apparel and accessories for the world of golf and beyond. In fact a Facebook account set up just for the Norwegian Curling Team's pants have over 550,000 likes. The Official Loudmouth Golf Facebook page only has about 15,000 likes.

Loudmouth founder and chief designer, Scott "Woody" Woodworth says designs like you will see the Norwegian athletes wearing come from the simple things in life.

"I pay attention to things I see throughout the day," explains the effervescent Woodworth. "It could be grocery stores, or anything, sometimes there is a pattern inside a pattern."

Talking to Woodworth and Jackson for 30 minutes, you can tell they are apparel geniuses. They admit, that they have ideas coming from all angles, but how do they remember them?

"I don't remember to write stuff down," admitted Woodburn. "I've missed out on some ideas, but they will come back."

And come back they do. The team at Loudmouth pares designs down to a top-12 for different sections of the year, and they the real fun begins.

The naming.

Each Loudmouth pattern has a fun and unique name.

Jackson and Woodworth seem to almost put as much thought into the name of the design as they do into the selecting of the designs.

"In naming, you start with one word and then start adding to it," offered up a smiling Woodworth. "It's a puzzle, and it starts off with one word and ten steps later it turns into something we can use. We like words and word-smithing."

For example, a pattern with fall leaves went from leaves to fall foliage to fallen oats. When a typo entered the picture, it became "Fallen Oaks" and that name stuck.

"The color and design is crucial, but so is the name," adds Jackson, who sitting at a table with Woodworth during this interview, performed like a seasoned stand-up comedian.

I know you have one more question. Are the pants and shorts comfortable?

Yes sir. The 97% cotton is has remained the same over the years.

"We tweak the formula ever so slightly," said Jackson. "But when a guy puts on our clothes for the first time, their reaction is almost universal.

"Wow, these things are comfortable."

"We don't want to mess with the comfort formula," smiles Jackson.

If you can't tell, Jackson and Woodworth do a lot of smiling and laughing, but Loudmouth Golf is no joke. They've recently entered into partnerships with other manufacturers to use their designs and the names of the designs on things like headband, ties, umbrellas, and more.

For now, Norway's curlers and the sport of curling in general is enjoying the added exposure they are getting from all of this during the Winter Olympics. For Loudmouth, they will be making noise for years to come.

As I wrapped up the interview, Woodworth, known as "Woody" to everyone, left me with one piece of advice.

"Remember, real men wear pink!"

Unless you're the Norwegian men's curling team.

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