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Loud underground noises heard in Chile: Is Chile 'in the know' about Pole Shift?

Chilean government is “in the know” about Planet X (Nibiru)
Chilean government is “in the know” about Planet X (Nibiru)
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Loud underground noises were heard in Chile in the early morning hours of March 6. These mysterious loud noises where heard coming from below ground, about two hours "before" a 6.2 earthquake rattled the country.

These mysterious loud noises woke many Chileans, who concerned about the sounds, called local police stations. As Chile has been experiencing quake swarms of late, many people thought it was “just another earthquake.” However, it wasn't an just another earthquake, and authorities had no explanation for these loud underground noises.

Then, around 4:30 in the morning, about two hours after the weird underground noises, an earthquake of magnitude 6.2 or 5.7 (depending on who’s doing the reporting) rattled four regions of central Chile. According to the National Seismological Centre, University of Chile, the epicenter was 38 miles northwest of Valparaiso and 59.5 km deep.

Could the loud underground noises and earthquake swarms in Chile be proof of tectonic plates on the move?

Food for thought:

The Chilean government is “in the know” about Planet X (Nibiru) and its passage as it relates to Chile. Other governments in South America are also “in the know.”

About a year or so ago, Andres Allamand, Minister of Defense of Chile, submitted a National Defense Strategy Planning document to the Chilean Congress.It has been the subject of considerable criticism. The document involves new policies and entities to allow for a better handling (at least in the eyes of the Chilean government) of the earth changes brought about by the Planet X (Nibiru) passage.

It says that security is essentially everything (seguridad ampliada). It also includes equality of opportunity in security, and then jumps to the need to keep the Panama Canal secure and how Chile can help Africa. It specifically mentioned "respecting international tribunals," and it brought the armed forces into internal security and conceded defense to the executive branch.

Two interesting items stand out:

  • It considers a defense strategy against catastrophic events of nature that involves not only the military, but the police, the Chilean Civil Defense Corps, and various civilian entities.
  • Several other countries in South America have received copies of the planned Chilean strategy, which also involves handling border matters and cooperation between neighboring countries.

Is this a sincere effort on the part of the Chilean government to help its people during and after the Pole Shift or is something else afoot here? The Planet X (Nibiru) cover-up poses a dilemma for all heads of state.No official public announcement about Planet X (Nibiru) has yet been made by the Chilean government.

Is Chile formulating legal directives for the severe Earth changes coming? Has the Chilean government announced its Pole Shift plans to neighboring countries?

You be the judge of that.

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