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Loud booms and tremors, they're back . . . this time in Ocean City, Maryland

They're back. This time mysterious loud booms and tremors were heard and felt in Ocean City, Maryland, around midday Thursday, Feb 6, 2013. According to seismologists, the loud booms and tremors did not come from an earthquake.

Maryland Geological Survey Director Richard Ortt said, "The data is very inconsistent with any kind of earthquake activity."

The Zetas of ZetaTalk have explained the difference between earthquakes and stretch zone events, which create loud booms and tremors caused by fracturing rock. In stretch zones, when there is major plate movement, rock pulls apart or snaps, creating not only loud booms, but vibration and shaking, as well.

Stretch zone incidents are not earthquake events, as Director Ortt so kindly confirmed. Currently, the North American continent is experiencing severe stress as it is stretched and pulled diagonally from the southwest to the northeast. It is this tension and snapping rock that is the cause of loud booms and shaking.

An Ocean City police spokeswoman estimated the department had fielded more than a dozen calls as of noon. She said the calls came in from the whole length of Ocean City. Residents of the beach resort town reported hearing a loud boom and feeling earthquake-like tremors shortly before noon.

Police were checking with the U.S. Coast Guard and other authorities to identify the source of the tremors and unusual sounds. A spokesperson for Dover Air Force Base in Delaware said it had no demolition or flights in the area.

Most likely, an unsuspecting public will get the “standard excuses” from the so-called “experts” for loud booms and shaking - tannerite explosions, military operations, or unknown source but no need for concern.

Planet X (Nibiru) is here. The predicted Pole Shift approaches. Expect to hear and experience lots more of these precursor events - mysterious loud booms and earth tremors that are not connected to earthquakes.

Prepare. The worst is yet to come.

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