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Lou's weekly horoscopes May 25

Lou's horoscopes May 25
Lou's horoscopes May 25
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What is happening in the stars this week:

Timing is the theme of this week. Trying to force the issue or making things happen without consideration to the larger karmic impact that can be involved. Knowing when the time is right for action can be best accomplished by listening to the voice within and using that information as a kind of spiritual stopwatch to know when the time is right.

Sometimes it seems that our ability to move forward or make the correct decision all comes down to a matter of timing. Everyone knows the old saying about timing being everything but, in a real sense, the timing that we need to focus on is the internal karmic clock that provides us with the chronologic insight to measure when and how we should proceed and the long-term effects of those decisions.

A second and equally important facet of timing is recognizing that there are times NOT to act. While most of us think in terms of “doing” when we make plans or set goals, the act of deciding is of equal importance and that this type of spiritual consideration make require a temporary pause in moving forward. However, being a decider before being a doer will ultimately insure that the actions you take will always be right on time.

ARIES You may unexpectedly run into a person that may help you in career matters. Although the connection may be brief, you will benefit, however, the ‘encounter’ may not last long.

TAURUS You may find your communications on financial matters not going as planned. Do not doubt your judgment, but rather, hold your tongue until things sort themselves out.

GEMINI You get green lights this week in romantic partnerships. You’ll feel more connected than in the recent past. If single, don’t rush into a new relationship.

Full horoscopes in detail for each sun sign for this week.

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