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Lou's Weekly Horoscopes March 23

Lou's Horoscopes This Week
Lou's Horoscopes This Week

The question is often asked: How do I begin? What is often not realized is that before one can begin a new phase, the previous phase has to be completed. This eternal cycle of completions and beginnings is the cornerstone of karma. Whether we are speaking of the completion of a cycle of behavior, a relationship or a career path, a new beginning awaits.

Importantly, it should be noted that “completion” does not equal “ending”. We can stop an activity, walk away from a relationship, or change a career - all “endings” in a real sense, without completing the karmic phase that was encompassed there. This is why there seems to be so much “buyer’s regret” when we start following a new direction. Completion must come from within the spirit. An acknowledgement and acceptance that all that was to be learned, shared, felt, and understood has been achieved and that we need not look any more in that direction. When the spirit finds completion, the next doorway appears and can be approached with joy.

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