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Lou's weekly horoscopes June 29

horoscopes,psychic readings,tarot readings
horoscopes,psychic readings,tarot readings
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Self-expression is this week’s theme. For all the emphasis on communications in today’s world truly being able to express ourselves in a meaningful manner can be one of the greatest challenges we face. Being able to understand the “self” within makes it easier to express what we truly mean and mean what we truly express.

So much appears in the media about self-expression and the various forms it can or should take. What is ironic, however, is that there is so little understanding about what the term means. Taken in its parts, the first and most important feature is “self”. Learning and accepting what our “self” is can often be more of a challenge than we might first believe. It requires us to look beyond the external image that we project to the outside world and dare embrace who and what we are and, more importantly, what we are not.

Expression can mean more than just words. It is the manifestation of thought, feelings and spirit. When “expression” is combined with “self”, the act becomes a karmic presentation of our essence and our relationship with the larger physical and metaphysical world that we inhabit.

ARIES – Who is in charge will be a challenge you will face this week in your relationships whether it is at work or on the home front. Clean the slate and make a fresh start by letting go of things that really don’t matter any more.

GEMINI – Pressure in money matters could loom over this week. Make sure you make decisions based on fact rather than how you feel about it. Determine to figure out just what obstacles are in your way this week, as it will become evident in the weeks to come.

SCORPIO – Be careful to keep any jealous feelings to yourself this week. Is the threat insecurity on your part or real. Keep a quiet counsel in the next few days and things will become much more clear in a few days.

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