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Lou's weekly horoscopes July 13

Psychic Readings,Online Psychic Readings,Tarot Readings
Psychic Readings,Online Psychic Readings,Tarot Readings
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This is what is happening in the stars this week.

Change is the topic of the week. Life is not meant to be lived in a static and closed state and following our Path necessitates that we do grow. Whether the change is positive or negative may not be readily apparent when it occurs. Only the passage of time will reveal this answer.

Change is an essential part of the karmic path. Sometimes we choose to change; sometimes change is forced on us whether we are ready for it or not. The act of change, in and of itself, is neutral; it is our response to changes that ultimately will dictate whether the act was positive or negative.

In a real sense when we accept that changes will come, we open ourselves to a universe of possibilities on every level. Trying to live in an emotional cocoon does not foster growth. Rather than trying to avoid the fact that our spirits are forever in motion and that movement leads to change, own your past, be in your present, and embrace the future that changes will bring.

GEMINI – Your finances are of concern this week; think before spending on a whim. Do you really need it? Time to make a rainy day stash.

LEO – You might reconsider a project you’ve been thinking about pursuing. Things might not turn out as planned. Your partner may have some valuable suggestions which could prove beneficial.

SCORPIO – Romance new or old has some surprises in store for you this week. There is more to this if you will slow down and observe before jumping in with both feet just because it is there for the taking.

LIBRA – Your focus will continue to be on the home front this week. It is time to revisit any unresolved issues that have been bothering you in the background and have become white noise. The noise could get louder this week so it is time to pay attention and face facts.

SAGITTARIUS – The fog is lifting and once again, you can make progress at work. Take care to get enough sleep and shut down those thoughts that may keep you awake. Tomorrow is another day that will come with renewed energy. Progress is definitely on the horizon.

AQUARIUS – Stay flexible in your dealings with others this week. Surprises will be a welcome event. Be sure to think things through before acting or reacting and know that others may take you seriously.

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