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Lou's weekly horoscopes April 27

Free weekly horoscopes by Lou
Free weekly horoscopes by Lou
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Instincts are the theme this week. We are all gifted with instinctual knowledge and awareness passed down through generations long departed. While our ancestors needed these instincts for physical survival, we too, are required to call on our instincts in the evermore complex world of the 21st century. Relearning and rediscovering these primal gifts is a task to be embraced.

Intuition has long been an essential part of human growth and, in fact, survival. The ancients relied on their intuitive abilities to foresee dangers in the everyday world and to discern the correct path to follow. However, as societies evolved and communications advanced, those ingrained senses were neglected and then receded into the background to be replaced by external devices that rely more on technology than on human experience and emotions.

Rediscovering the intuitive part of our nature can not only reconnect us to a spiritual aspect of existence that we may have forgotten but also can provide a unique and profound insight into our relationships and an awareness that the choices that we make and the actions we take as a result can have both in the immediate sense and in the larger karmic picture.

ARIES Your intuition is working on overdrive. You may find yourself facing the need to give up control which is not an easy thing for you to do.

TAURUS Work or school could be trying at best this week. Watch your budget when thinking you must spend, especially on others. It will be important to carefully gauge your interactions with others.

GEMINI You may find that you are impulsively wanting to over-spend this week. Get those things finished that are most important. Otherwise, you may be forced to delay projects.

You can read full horoscopes in detail for each sun sign for this week on the site.

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