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Lou's love horoscopes Feb 9-15

Free Weekly Horoscopes This Week
Free Weekly Horoscopes This Week

While we may not consciously think about maintaining balance in both our material and spiritual lives, making certain that our energies are distributed evenly on both external and internal matters is something that most of us do automatically. When we are thrown out of balance as a result of an unexpected occurrence, whether positive or negative in nature, it seems as if our very perception of reality is skewed to the point that we mistrust what our senses, physical and intuitive, are relaying to us.

Fortunately, karma acts as a spiritual counterweight to help reset the scales, spiritually speaking, and to restore the balance that we work hard to maintain. In a real sense, balance is the essence of finding our way through a complex and often contradictory world. By becoming aware of balance and its importance, we can make the path ahead clearer and, if not totally comfortable, at least less daunting as destiny unfolds.

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