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Lou's love horoscopes Feb 2-8

Lou's weekly love horoscopes
Lou's weekly love horoscopes

This week's theme is about patience.

No less a luminary then Benjamin Franklin noted that “He that can have patience can have what he will”. In today’s “always on” world, having the patience to allow destiny to truly form can be trying at best and often frustrating. Yet to try and go where we are not yet meant to travel can result in us missing out on crucial parts of the journey. This is true both in our dealings with the external, material world as well as our most intimate and emotional relationships.

The path of destiny cannot be rushed any more than it can be slowed. That which is ordained to happen will happen. By having patience we are affirming our belief that the path we have chosen is the correct course to take and that all things will happen in their time as karma wills.

Yes, it will be trying times as Mercury retrograde starts February 6 and continues through the end of the month. The effects of it will be plus/minus five days on either end. This is a particularlyy powerful retrograde because it will be happing in the Pisces sun sign. Expect to hear more about cruise ship problems during the month and even in to the first week of March.

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