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Free Horoscopes April 13
Free Horoscopes April 13

Equilibrium is the theme issue this week. There are times that trying to maintain our emotional and spiritual balance resembles walking a tightrope with no safety net. With our external world (work/school/career) competing for our time and emotions with our internal universe (spirit/relationships/family) maintaining that equilibrium can seem to be a daunting task. Yet if we can allow ourselves quiet moments to tap into our creative and spiritual selves, we can realize that we do without doing and it all will get done.

Aries - You can find solutions this week as long as you don’t push things. Think hard before acting.

Taurus - You might be feeling a bit out of sorts this week. Make financial decisions later in the week.

Gemini - It is fine to make plans this week – just wait a few days to execute them, especially if they involve money.

Cancer - You may find your thoughts on home this week whether it is moving or revamping the one you have. Use your creative ability to decide how much it is worth to you.

Leo - Remember you cannot buy love so watch those finances. Late in the week you can wine and dine when you are more clear about it.

Virgo -You can get everything done this week if you slow down instead of speeding up! Everything will get done on time and with your usual flare for details.

Scorpio - If you find you have to make a monetary decision, you don’t have all of the most critical information yet. Wait a few days and you won’t regret it.

Sagittarius - While you always have great ideas, try to be diplomatic when dealing with others on making plans. It doesn’t have to be done this minute!

Capricorn - Romantic desires and work seem to clash this week. Be sure to let your loved ones know that you actually do care.

Aquarius - If you are single, romance is in the air as new love can easily be approached. Go slowly and don’t jump in with both feet right away.

Pisces - Use your natural intuition this week to guide you in romance. Don’t’ be afraid of sharing your deepest feelings will bring you closer to loved ones.

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