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Lou's horoscopes this week May 4

Lou's free weekly horoscopes
Lou's free weekly horoscopes
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Flexibility is the theme of the week. With so much going on in our modern day lives, the key to maintaining our karmic balance is to be flexible in our outlook on how best to follow the path that is meant for us. Blockages may actually be detours to something more and smooth roads could be illusions. It is our mental and spiritual flexibility that can help us navigate the future.

Flexibility in athletics allows a person to move freely, adjust and adapt their flow of energy, and to make critical choices in action more easily. So, too, does emotional and spiritual flexibility help us to move easier through the complexities of 21st century living and to deal with unexpected events in a more balanced manner.

Admittedly, this flexibility is not something that is simply acquired but must be a conscious decision by each of us not to be bound to old conditioning or emotions that arose in the past. When we set our intent to be more flexible, much like a wind gently blowing through the trees, dealing with relationship issues, our own insecurities, and those external forces beyond our control becomes less stressful. When the spirit is flexible, even barricades become more manageable and the path easier to follow.

ARIES Accepting your limitations is a real challenge at the start of the week, particularly where work/career is involved. As much as you would like to have more control over the situation, this is a time that the unknown has to be faced without regard for the outcome. Sometimes the journey has even greater value than the destination. For you, that is the lesson that karma brings. Embrace it and your future.

TAURUS Being defensive particularly in romantic matters can lead you away from where you to be. Those conclusions you jump to may end up sending you over an emotional cliff mid-week. Remember that pessimism, especially where no concrete facts exist, can add unnecessary obstacles. You may have to cut through red tape, emotional of otherwise, so keep your faith and keep on keeping on.

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