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Lou's horoscopes May 18

Lou's free horoscopes May 18
Lou's free horoscopes May 18
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What is happening in the stars for this week:

Value is an important theme this week. It has become far too easy for us to measure value in terms of monetary or material accumulation without regard to the intrinsic value that each of us retains in the realm of spirit. Karmic and personal worth is not something that can be measured with numbers but, instead, the impact that each of us makes on the world and those who we meet.

The word value is tossed about almost carelessly in the modern world without any tru consideration to what the concept of value actually means. For most, for something (or someone) to have value must somehow relate to their material and financial achievements. The result of this type of “accounting” is that things that have a true intrinsic spiritual, emotional and karmic value are belittled or ignored as not being desirable to possess or share.

Yet in a real sense, personal value and worth do not come from the balance of a checkbook or the amount of material possessions that one has acquired. Measuring one’s value should be made in terms of the spiritual growth, the life experiences that have made up a person’s Path and the karma (good, bad and neutral) that has been accumulated along the way. These are the true elements of value that will endure long after the last dollar is spent or the last bauble is purchased.

Aries – Have patience in your relationships this week. Don’t get out the shovel and start digging. Play the waiting game and things will become much clearer if you just wait.

Taurus – Communicating very clearly will get you through emotional disturbances this week. If you must finish a project, take your time as it will save you having to redo things.

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