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Lou's horoscopes May 11

Lou's weekly horoscopes May 11
Lou's weekly horoscopes May 11
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Transition is the theme of the week. When we change jobs, change locations, begin or end relationships we are engaged in the very act of transforming our karmic path. These transitions can be large or small. Regardless of their magnitude the spiritual energy generated marks a transition from the karma of our current path to the karma of the future that awaits.

Life in the 21st century often seems to be one continuous chain of movement from one point to another without any apparent pattern or direction that can be readily followed or even understood. Yet each of these emotional and spiritual twists and turns mark a transition from the person that you were to the person that you are becoming.

Transitions should be viewed with an open spirit whether positive or negative. In the short term, each transition, each change, is a learning experience that contributes to growth from the spiritual right down to the cellular level. When we recognize that remaining static actually retards growth and impedes the karmic path. We cannot live amidst obstructions and karma will make those changes and transitions-ready or not.

Aries - Take a deep breath this week to avoid what could become a conflict. Save your thoughts for a few days, especially when dealing of partnerships of any kind.

Taurus - Your finances will be front and center this week. You have a lot going on, so, just remember, you can only do one thing at a time.

Gemini - You don't have to spend lots of money to make others happy this week. Being aware of that will help you to rein in the checkbook.

Cancer - Your intuition is running in high gear this week. If you have that 'hunch' follow it up as it could lead to financial gain.

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