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Lou's Horoscopes March 30

Lou's Horoscopes March 30 - April 5
Lou's Horoscopes March 30 - April 5

This week’s horoscopes theme is ‘noise’.

With the barrage of “noise” that has become a part of our 21st century reality, it often seems that we, literally, can’t hear ourselves think. This “deafness” could also be said to extend to our ability to understand and sense our emotions and the path that we should be following. The “noise” comes from our various electronic devices, social media, our external relationships and even our activities. So how do we combat this information onslaught? By learning to truly be “still”.

Being “still” doesn’t mean non-movement or interaction. Rather it is a conscious decision to filter out that which does not matter, in a karmic sense, in order to reconnect with our own inner selves. Obviously, we have to exist and function in our day-to-day lives but teaching ourselves to distinguish “noise” from our own perceptions and thoughts by embracing our internal “stillness” can enable us to better direct our energies towards that which matters karmicly and spiritually.

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