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Lou's Horoscopes March 2

Lou's Free Horoscopes March 2-8
Lou's Free Horoscopes March 2-8

What's happening in the stars this week.

Emotional, spiritual, and psychical stability are important tools to dealing with an ever-increasingly chaotic world. Yet the meaning of “stability” (and how to achieve it) varies from one person to the next. For some, feeling secure and grounded in a particular course of action or thought is the essence of stability; for others, having a clear goal to and a plan to work towards it is the measure of a stable and focused path.

It is important to remember that the first step to gain stability is to have the courage to look within and to identify those facets or behaviors that may be interfering with maintaining (or reaching) a kind of equilibrium. Dwelling on the past, being frustrated with the present, and doubting the future all cast psychical shadows that limit balance. Once we acknowledge the existence of the feelings, we can own them and, in doing so, place them in a spiritual perspective that allows us to follow the karmic path in a stable and serene way.

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