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Lou's horoscopes June 1

Lou's weekly horoscopes June 1
Lou's weekly horoscopes June 1
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Patterns are the theme this week. Many times we find ourselves confused as to what a seemingly unrelated group of events means in terms of the path of karma. The challenge that we face is to identify the patterns that these occurrences form. This is not as a daunting task as it might first appear. We have the internal “ears” to the hear music of destiny-let those melodies reveal the patterns we are meant to see and heed.

There are rhythms, both macro and micro, in nature that provide the ebb and flow of this increasingly chaotic world. Identifying these patterns can provide us with a unique spiritual perspective that can illuminate the possibilities that every situation we confront contains. It can be far too easy to overlook or ignore these patterns, yet in many cases what is formed carries a karmic truth, as well.

Synchronicity is perhaps the most profound form or pattern that presents itself to us. What may at first seem a totally random set of items like a chance encounter, an old song playing where you might not expect it, a sign or billboard that reminds us of something or someone long forgotten; all of these elements together can be a karmic pattern carrying a message that resonates within our soul. Patterns are more than just designs - they are signposts for the spirit.

ARIES – Romance is in the air, however, it may be better to leave a friendship a friendship.

TAURUS – Your finances are highlighted this week especially issues from the past. Facing your finances head on will go a long way to improving them in the future.

GEMINI – If things seem to grind to a halt in your job this week, hang on and don’t make any rash decisions. Keep a quiet counsel when other’s may want to drag you into conversations involving the past.

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