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Lou's horoscopes June 15

Lou's horoscopes June 15
Lou's horoscopes June 15
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Listening is the theme of the week. We receive all manner of communications during the course of a week and the real challenge is to actually listen to what the message is. There is a major difference between hearing, the physical act, and listening, the spiritual comprehension. When we truly listen with our spiritual “inner ear” karma’s lesson become clear.

How often do you find yourself consciously tuning out a conversation or skimming over a piece of correspondence (written or electronic) without really paying attention to the information contained. Given the constant bombardment of our 23/7/365 constantly “on” twenty-first century world, trying to make sense of this constant stream of words seems almost impossible. Yet it is in this tumult that understanding the difference between “hearing” and “listening” becomes an important factor on our karmic path.

We all have a built-in spiritual filter that can help us listen for the important meanings in what we receive from the external world. That spiritual filter helps us intuit the course that we should follow. Using this “filter” can help bridge the gap between merely hearing words and actually listening for those intuitive clues that we can use to find the destiny that awaits us. All we have to do is “listen”.

ARIES – You’ll be busy socializing this week. Just be aware of your budget. You cannot buy love.

LEO – Listen and you will hear what is behind the scenes in casual discussions. If you think you’ve missed an opportunity, you haven’t. Don’t worry about it. You’ll find out why later.

PISCES – If you run into delays and annoying things that happen, they are minor. This is a good time to catch up on your reading and have quiet time with loved ones and family

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