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Lou's horoscopes July 20

Psychic readings,tarot readings,horoscopes
Psychic readings,tarot readings,horoscopes
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Motives are the theme of the week. Regardless of what process we use to make our decisions, there is always a motivation from making one choice or another. Realizing that these motives exist can be a powerful tool in avoiding those actions that are made for superficial or transient reasons and selecting, instead, those that mirror the path of karma.

Have you ever wondered what drives the decisions that we make? Each act, each choice on the path of destiny is directed by a motive. These motivations are, in and of themselves, neither positive or negative; rather they arise from our hopes, dreams, desires, and yes, frustrations, concerns, and fears. Often we only become aware of the motives behind our actions upon reflection after the fact.

Knowing that decisions are not made in a vacuum and that there is always some motivation in our selection of one choice over another can provide an awareness of our own internal process and those things which influence us even if we are not consciously aware of them. By acknowledging that motives exist, we can seek the spiritual guidance in making the choices that fill the will of destiny BEFORE acting and, in this way, maintaining the balance of karma for the Path ahead.

ARIES – This week it will be important to watch what you say and do. Better to pick your battles than have a knee-jerk reaction. Save those really important discussions for a few days.

CANCER – You’ll be caught up in romance this week. Go slowly and don’t let those wedding bells go off in your head just quite yet. Enjoy the moment.

LEO – Romance is on your mind this week. Do have what you really want in your partner? Maybe it is a bit of space you need. Go with the flow and give this one some much needed to digest.

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