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Lou's Horoscopes January 5

Free Love Horoscopes
Free Love Horoscopes

Horoscopes January 5-11

One of the most important mental and spiritual activities that we can engage in is recognizing how our mental, emotional and spiritual energies are impacting our paths and those of people around us. Recognition of this sort goes beyond the mere acknowledging of the status of a situation or relationship. Rather, it requires us to actively engage our inner eye to understand the multiple levels of ramifications of our actions, words and feelings.

When we actually comprehend our unique place in the world and the fact that what we send out really does have effects far beyond our immediate space, we can a new perspective on prioritizing what does and does not matter. Additionally, we can then better our interactions to benefit ourselves and those whose paths intersect our own. Recognition is a truly a beacon that illuminates the karmic path of destiny.

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