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Lou's Horoscopes January 19-25

This Week's Free Horoscopes by Lou
This Week's Free Horoscopes by Lou

Horoscopes theme for this week:

Doing an internal examination of where we are and what we want is an important part of keeping our emotional, psychical and spiritual perspective during times of change. Taking the opportunity to look within to examine the emotional forces that are driving us while measuring the effect that external events are having can provide a profound set of signposts that we can use to find out way forward.

When we truly examine all that is going on and our role in it, it becomes much easier to identify those elements that we have outgrown or that are holding us back and how we can start to transform and grow to reach those heights that we desire. Examination should be embraced and appreciated as a unique way to map our spiritual path during the disruptions that occur in changing times.

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