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Lou's Horoscopes Jan 12-18

Lou's Love Horoscopes Jan 5
Lou's Love Horoscopes Jan 5

This week's theme is about our emotions. Whether we wish to acknowledge it or not, we are emotional beings and those emotions can impact our perceptions, our actions, and ultimately, our destiny. Emotional responsibility means truly owning those feelings. both positive and negative, and accepting that they are a valid part of who and what we are. Taking ownership does not mean trying to repress feelings or ignore them. Rather it implies that our internal energies have a valid and vital place in our interactions with the world at large.

Being responsible for emotions is also a way of recognizing that our feelings are a direct response to events that occur both within and without our control. These responses are a direct reflection of who and what we are and of the essence of our spirit. When we can embrace these internal expressions without trepidation, we are acknowledging our own unique role in following the karmic path that awaits.

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