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Lou's Horoscopes Feb 23

Lou's Horoscopes Feb 23
Lou's Horoscopes Feb 23

Intuition is this week’s theme.

The roles that intuition plays in our day to day life are both subtle and profound. When we “follow a hunch” or “listen to our gut” we are tapping into our intuitive core to access information that often escapes our conscious sensory efforts gain insight and help us to make decisions-both great and small. Even if you aren’t actively trying to connect with your intuitive side, that psychical and spiritual energy collects and stores valuable clues and knowledge that guides our steps, like a sub-conscious compass, along the path that destiny has laid out.

When we make the effort to listen to our intuition, we are adding an important dimension to the way we decide how best to move ahead. Unlike our other senses, intuition is free from influence and does not pre-judge what is detected. How we choose to deal with intuitive knowledge is an expression of free will and even when we ignore it, our intuitive side remains ready and willing to provide knowledge in the future.

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