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Lou's Horoscopes Feb 16-22

Lou's Free Weekly Horoscopes
Lou's Free Weekly Horoscopes

This week's theme:

Trying to be receptive to important spiritual and psychical information can be a daunting task in this era of “always on”. The key is to fine tune our receptivity to detect those important communications, verbal and non-verbal, that can (and often do) have a profound impact on decisions that we may make, relationships that we are involved in, and karmic issues that could be reaching a critical point in our path forward.

When we are truly receptive, we are able to utilize a kind of innate filter to identify those conscious and unconscious snippets of information that enhance our ability to make the kind of decisions needed to advance the path forward. Whether the content is something positive or negative, being receptive allows our intuitive and external senses to work together and provide an understanding of what may lie ahead and how best to work with it.

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