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Lou's horoscopes August 3

Find true love
Find true love
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This is what’s happening this week in the Cosmos.

Independence is the theme of the week. Being independent means more than having a freedom of choice and the control of our actions. True independence comes when we can accept our strengths and weakness and not allow ourselves to be bound by those limits. In the realm of spirit, owning who and what we are is to be truly free and independent.

Independence can mean many things to many people. Financial freedom, emotional liberation from ghosts of the past, even having the options to follow a life path that is radically different than the one they had been on. At the heart of these various definitions is the bedrock of spiritual independence.

Being spiritually independent means that you are no longer constrained by those feelings and thoughts that had limited your intuitive gifts and blocked your ability to expand your emotional vision beyond the narrow boundaries of the self. Yet true independence also comes with a great responsibility. The old saying “and above all else, “to thine own self be true” is a powerful demonstration of duty that we owe as part of our independence. Keeping true to who and what you are, without misconceptions or illusion, is truly and “independence” we should all aspire to.

ARIES – Your finances are front and center this week. Some creative budgeting will see you through.

CANCER – Love is in the air. Just make sure you look at the situation through very clear lenses or you may find you feel used.

VIRGO – You are not usually impulsive, but, this week you may find a temptation to be just that. You are in the midst of transforming and what used to feel ‘OK’ not may not seem that way. Time to ditch what isn’t working.

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Lou Raedwulfe is a veteran astrology, psychic and rune expert.

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