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Lou's horoscopes Aug 31

Lou's famous horoscopes
Lou's famous horoscopes
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Unconventionality is the theme of the week. Sometimes we limit ourselves in approaching various situations by thinking that only the “safe” or “traditional” approach to a problem can work. When we are willing to consider unconventional solutions to conventional problems, we are tapping into both the spiritual and creative aspects that open new vistas of ideas and hope on the karmic path.

Sometimes we become prisoners to our own routines. Consistency is important but doing the same things in the same ways will, by definition, limit the possible outcomes that are available to us. By taking or following an unconventional path, we open the door towards new potentials and, in doing so, are also expanding our own perceptions of what can be accomplished and how those accomplishments can mold our future.

Unconventionality is not just choosing a a new path, it is the spiritual risk of living the ordinary life in a non-ordinary fashion. By choosing to “color outside the lines” we are stating that we will no longer live in a closed, chrysalis state and dare challenge our future by not being restricted by our past. Being unconventional is another way of looking at the path that karma has set us on and stating, with a strong spiritual voice: Bring it on!!

GEMINI – This is your week to shine. Finally, all of your efforts will get noticed. Just don’t forget to pay attention to the details.

VIRGO – Discussing things with your romantic partner or boss should go well this week. Be direct without being harsh and you’ll get your point across. You will be heard.

SCORPIO – Stick with what you know works this week. If you want to try a new approach, save it for another more suitable time.

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