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Lou's horoscopes Aug 24

horoscopes,psychic readings,tarot readings
horoscopes,psychic readings,tarot readings
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Breathing is the theme of the week. Just as taking a breath is essential to life, so, too, is taking an emotional/ spiritual breath essential to maintaining our karmic balance and avoiding impulsive and possibly hurtful decisions and actions. Taking that one extra moment to pause, observe the situation, and then releasing the negative connotations can truly provide a “breath” of clarity to see the path ahead.

One of the biggest challenges of our 21st lifestyle is actually taking time to breathe. Breathing is more than the physical act essential to life. Breathing is the ability to step back, examining the challenges before us, and listening to our internal voice before taking action. The phrase, “take a breath” is an apt description of pausing before committing to a course of action and realizing that in the realm of karma, there is no true urgency and doing right action will take as long as it takes and will happen in its own time.

The ancients understood this concept of spiritual breathing and incorporated it into such practices as yoga, Tai Chi and meditation. Stilling the external noise and pressure from without is the best way to enable reasoned and calm action; truly taking that all-important breath to follow the path of destiny.

ARIES – Your energy may be scattered as the week progresses. Stay flexible and take a deep breath before deciding what to do.

GEMINI – This week your career gets green lights as things finally start going your way. Any ideas you have been silent about surrounding work will be heard by those that matter.

LEO – You and your romantic partner may be at odds over the next few days as you realize you are not in sync with each other. Be aware of changes that you may need to make before the week’s end.

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